We know that you love your wigs but the time eventually comes to replace your wigs to other ones. When it comes to lifetime of hair products, it is actually hard to tell the exact deadline of their life expectancy.

Without a set time, how exactly would you tell when its lifetime has come to an end?
There are few symptoms that your hair product will show you as some hints.
If you see those symptoms listed below then it is time to let go of them sadly.

1. The Wig Will Not Hold Its Original Style

What happened to my wig?! It doesn’t seem like its in right shape and style!
Have you ever put on your wig and realized that it was not in same style as before and literally cannot fix it?
Well, sorry to tell you this but it is one of the hint that wig is giving you.
I know that it is not a pleasant way to find out but hey! you can get another one of you favorite and browse around to get your perfect wig!

2. The Does Not Shine As Before

Shiny hair is a huge factor in signaling health and also the signal of nourished head of hair. You maybe can try to put some serum to make your wig shine again but if you end up putting it frequently then we know it is time to let it go.
Plus, it does not look good if it lost its shine, we all know that.

3. Ends Of Hair Are Frayed And Not Able To Repair

Do you see that I mentioned, ‘not able to repair’?
That is it.
What else is there more to explain than not being able to be repaired…
Even with real hair, when we get split or frayed ends we cut them off if they are far beyond from repairing with some treatments or conditioners.
Same thing goes to wigs everybody.

4. The Cap Of The Wig Is Stretched Out

A wig should fit, not too tight or not too big. However, if you keep wearing it, day by day, it will stretch out just like your jeans.
Unfortunately, when that happens to your wig there is no alternative way to have them fit again.

5. The Fiber Of Wig Is Dry And Loosing Significantly

Do you remember how gorgeous you wig was at first? Now is your wig being dried, easily tangles and fiber losses?
If maybe it cannot be fixed, it is definitely a time for replacement.
If the fiber dries and tangled which mean there are no more luxurious look to your wig anymore either,

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Since the beginning of beauty and general merchandise businesses in 2000, we have built very reliable and satisfactory relationships with customers. Many customers have requested us for a web-based wholesale store and we have released ebonyline.com for the retailers and volume buyers, giving them great deals and low prices. ebonyline.com currently provides more than 10,000 items of beauty and general merchandise.

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