Sometimes, you order a wig expecting it to fit exactly as you imagined but it does not.
Sometimes, you need and want to thin it down to match your face shape or look, right?
I agree. Also, it is not easy to return and nor acceptable after you put it on(used) because who else wants to touch the product someone put on their hair?

For your information, wigs usually comes in with more hair because that is better than less hair! Also, if there are more hair than expected, customers design it the way they want. If you need to thin out a wig, you have two choices: a professional or DIY. 
And we are trying to do it ourselves so let’s take a look how to get the job done.

If this is your first time ever taking scissors to any type of hair, maybe this isn’t the best option for you. If you are confident that you can do the job done well, we can give you some advice.
With that being said, you should do this at your own risk and with an inexpensive wig.

First, you need a proper equipment to thin the wig out. Any ordinary kitchen or office scissors will not get you a happy results. You can find them literally everywhere!

When you are ready with the equipment, place your wig on a wig stand or some form of head shape to properly hold it.
Then, you can start combing the wig and section off the hair in parts.
Let me tell you this, some people starts from the bottom but actually it is easier to start from the top part. When thinning out, you will want to stick with the middle of the hair, not the outer layers. Make sure not to cut too close to the root(you will not like it).

You can place about 0.25 inch of hair in he scissors. Remember, the smooth side of the scissors should be at the top while the notches are below. Slowly repeat doing small cut and pull up! And when you are thinning the hair, you need to constantly check on hair how things are going. Otherwise, you might end up with a wig with no hair.

You should have a nicely blended cut, that is your ultimate goal. However, if it is your first time you might end up having lay looking too blunt then you should twist it up and cut it at about 45 degree angle to get the wispy look.

Lastly, go ahead and try the wig on and see how it feels.
Don’t forget. Use an inexpensive wig because you might cut more hair than you wanted and that case you might end up wasting it.
Practice makes perfect but in the middle of the process, if you are in doubt, then quickly make an appointment with the hairstylist.
They will handle the rest for you.

Published by EbonyLine

Since the beginning of beauty and general merchandise businesses in 2000, we have built very reliable and satisfactory relationships with customers. Many customers have requested us for a web-based wholesale store and we have released ebonyline.com for the retailers and volume buyers, giving them great deals and low prices. ebonyline.com currently provides more than 10,000 items of beauty and general merchandise.

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