Hey boo hey~ What you doing?

I’m back with a wig and y’all this wig was sent to us by our good friends at Ebonyline y’all know I love Ebonyline.

I order a lot of my own wigs from Ebonyline um and they really help keep this channel afloat so when they reached out to me asked me which one, what wigs you want I said let me go look at some wigs that i constantly see in websites but nobody really buys because I’m dumb that is why.
You might be saying why would you do that because i’m dumb.

So let’s hope it works one of the wigs I picked out the other I let them pick out.

Okay y’all this the one I picked out normally when I go off the beaten path that’s why I mess myself up.

Bam, I know y’all have not seen it too.

It’s by Outre like I said Outre been around since dawn of time they have been hitting in 2020 they won 2020 hands down.

I got is style Lois, l-o-i-s and I got them to sit in the color DR350 which I love that pretty copper color.
Let’s hope that it works.

Miss Lois, it says it’s heat safe up to 400 degrees.
It says she’s a swiss lace eye parting and it’s pre-plugged okay.

They got a stock card but we’re not gonna focus on the stock card so let’s just jump into the wig.

I’ve already cut the lace that’s all I’ve done okay.

So first, let’s look at this DR350 color.
Y’all that’s cute okay that copper is cute and maybe with my little robe on because I’ve been hauling clothes all day this might give me like rich housewives feels okay.

There is that eye parting that you get with this unit.
It comes with a comb here ti the right a comb to left a comb in the back and your adjustable straps.

All right Y’all ain’t nothing to it but to do it I will say that look at the layering on that unit.
It looks cute I feel like I’m gonna look a little like Kim Possible with this wig.

Okay it says it’s a middle eye part so I’m just gonna wear my wig grip by my boo crystal bean okay.
All right, shall we wear Lois shall we like Lois brother.


Oh y’all.
Yo Lois is kinda cute for real.
Why come in so loud like that but y’all yes ma’am let me out a little bit of powder in that part.
Okay there it is y’all it really doesn’t look too bad huh but i’ma gonna just put a little bit of powder.
Oh it looks even better with that powder on it.

Okay she comes with slight baby hairs but you know I, you know your girl ain’t wear.
Y’all Lois is cute.

What y’all think.

Okay this is her to the right straight on to the left i’m gonna try to turn around against the wall okay this is her to the back.
Yeah I really like this one I think that I am going to because I know I got a lot of like people that always ask me for work wigs I think that I want to get this with my own coins in a black.

What y’all think of this color and Lois.

See this is an example of a wig that people just pass up on in our actuality.

Y’all Lois is cute I love the feathering that Outre did on this unit check that, even if you mess it up.
Look at that I’m the rich aunt that don’t show up to family stuff.

Okay cute y’all I really like this on Ebonyline thank you so much for getting my crazy self in my crazy ways because this is literally a wig that I think people were slipping on but I think that this wig is beautiful for work.
I think it’s beautiful for church and I think it’s beautiful for going to piggly wiggly and getting a pig five meat sale.
Like this wig is just cute I really do like this one okay and as I honestly thought that it was going to age me and I don’t think it aged me.

That’s how she looked on the stock card and I almost got it in ash blonde the only reason why I didn’t is because I said I’m trying to do more of what y’all like but I think that Lois in this color is actually extremely cute.

What y’all think in the comments tell what y’all think. I’m gonna out as direct link to where you go pick this up from Ebonyline but you see I didn’t pluck her anything.
This is an easy easy everyday slay also in the comments let me know if you want to see this in black because she comes in a bunch of different blondes she comes in rose gold she comes in red so let me know if you want to see this in black but I’m liking Outre or not Outre Lois.

Thank you Outre.
Thank you Ebonyline.

No she had no tangling and the awesome thing is with this length I don’t think I will get much okay there’s that texture up close you see got the mini crinkles in it/

Yea y’all that’s cute of course I need to put some powder around that perimeter but I mean we ain’t gonna do all that this is cute I definitely recommend Lois looking at the description box.

Like I said it’s directly to where you can go and purchase her okay.

I like this one but yea I like this and I like this one a lot like I said.
You might not even be into wig I don’t know maybe it is your auntie Lois can we pit something behind our ear.
Oh Lois your auntie Lois period poo maybe maybe it’s your uncle Luther that’s singing in the choir whichever one.

I’m gonna put on this Lois. Me and my everyday island get them right.

Until the next time y’all will be very soon, bye~

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Since the beginning of beauty and general merchandise businesses in 2000, we have built very reliable and satisfactory relationships with customers. Many customers have requested us for a web-based wholesale store and we have released ebonyline.com for the retailers and volume buyers, giving them great deals and low prices. ebonyline.com currently provides more than 10,000 items of beauty and general merchandise.

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