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I have it in the style woody, w-o-o-d-y.
This time i have it for you in the color SOM RTS for slash ash blonde.

She comes with an HD lace, hand tied part and it comes with that over high side bang like this huge heavy bang.
Look at the wig here’s that lace that it comes with i don’t like it you are definitely.
If you’re my skin tone you’re definitely gonna have to try to blend it out with some powder i’ll show it to you. At least that’s how it was on that last unit.

Y’all look at that ash blonde.
With this little shirt on i look like I’m about to say may i speak to your manager please I’m done talking to you it’s above you.

Let’s look at the cap construction on woody.
She comes with a comb in the back with your adjustable straps.
Let me get up close because y’all we can’t see the comb you shut up there it is right there okay.
In the front she has a comb here to the right she has a constant left and there’s that uh parting with that HD lace and the cut on this jaw is bomb.com with that heavy heavy bang okay.
I’m just gonna put on my handy dandy wig grip okay.
Y’all know like i always say i don’t even wear stocking caps anymore.


Okay see cuz i was ready to start acting stupid but before i do start playing in her because y’all i can tell you now that i feel like i got good credit i don’t need a co-signer honey period.
All of my throw pillows come from Ethan Allen not TJMaxx before i go though there’s that lace and do y’all see what i’m talking about the lace to me.
Like Zuri needs to go back to the drawing board on that lace it is just too white and too light for me.
I’m gonna just for the purpose of this video so i don’t look too crazy.
I’m gonna apply some powder to that lace to try to you know darken it up a little bit the part itself though.
Looks good okay but it’s just so it’s too white okay so you see when i put powder on this part you see the difference how white that looks and how dark that is.
So in my opinion uh i don’t like the HD lace but I’ll be honest all these new laces that all these companies coming out with I really don’t like none of them give me that old school lace remember that don’t give me that all the time.
So let me even do it here all right.
Now do you see the difference I put powder here no powder there see how white and stark that looks so let me put some more.
I mean I guess it’s a personal preference some of y’all probably don’t even care about that and like I always say if somebody that close up on your wig they need to be buying your wigs anyway honey. Okay let me put some on this other side too.

But y’all other than that lace having to be you know manipulated.
You tell me this is not bomb.com y’all this is so cute.

I am in love with woody um you guys have asked and i have delivered you guys have been asking me about her sisters in this collection earthy and fresh they are on the way as we speak.
I ordered them last night okay but check this y’all and look at that bang okay this is miss woody straight ahead and that’s her to the left and that’s to her right check that bang out and that’s her in the back.

Somebody in the comments said oh that reminds me of something you wear to the barbecue over the summer.
It really does i feel like i look super cute in this like i said because it’s my type of style because y’all know i prefer me in shorter hair and it’s ash blonde.

I do recommend that you go get this unit hands down i recommend that you go get woody in all the colors.
Okay I have her coming I don’t know if I’m gonna review it for y’all but I have her coming in a 1B and a red color as well.

I’m in love with the Zuri good goodness.
Wigs maybe she auntie Lucy which just does remind me of that older wig.
Maybe it’s your cousin Luther whichever one of them we put them in woody honey period. 

love it love it love it love it

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