💎BOBBI BOSS MLF425 ANDRINA REVIEW by @Kie Rashon | Ebonyline💎

Hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s your girl, Kie Rashon.

Today’s video is brought to you by Ebonyline they were kind of sending me another unit to review for you guys.

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Okay so like I said this unit came to us from Ebonyline and it is from bobby boss it’s a part of their truly me collection.
This is the unit MLF425 Andrina this is what her card looks like.
I got her in the color 4 and it does come with two combs in the front one comb in the back and adjustable straps
Let me go ahead and tell you guys right now okay big head gang gang this ain’t it.

My temples are pulsating right now based on how I have it on my head like good grief this joint is for my small hair girls okay.
You got another one congratulations.

This is a premium high heat fiber so she’s heat safe up to about it don’t even say um I would say about their normal range is about 350 to 400.
I will stick around at 350 range just to be you know be safe I don’t have to use a lot though I use a little bit of my wax stick and then I use my um what you call it what’s her name what’s her name what’s what’s the name what’s the name of the thing flat iron hot comb hot comb but yeah use that a little bit on the top and it flattened it right out.

The texture of this unit it feels like a it definitely has like a yaki type of feel you can even see a little bit of those crimps in that texture but it also feels a little I don’t want to say scratchy I don’t want to say scratchy it doesn’t feel super soft on my skin okay.

I did get some shedding with this you know when i’m waiting to brush it so you can see the some of the hair coming out of here if you guys can see that.tingling wise I’m not getting anything.

I did try something different with this color okay you guys know I don’t really go for number 4s. I’m happy with how this color looks on me it looks very very chocolatey.

What it looks like from the side like I said I pushed this joint behind my ear and brought my little you know my little side burns out and then to the back that’s how she’s looking she comes down about mid-back for me.

The style on her looks really pretty it didn’t fall like that on me because obviously your face shape your neck length your height your shoulder width all that kind of stuff. It matters so be mindful of that I know some of you guys be like oh I got this wig but it looked different on me than it did on you.
Understand you’re not me so it’s not going to look exactly how it looks on me on you because we don’t have the same height and you know build and face shape neckline things like that. Um the lace on this unit is also pretty dark so if you are darker than my skin tone then you can definitely you’ll be good to go okay.

Oh yeah so this is how this looks I think it gives me a really cute look.
I feel real pretty in this joint I really i really do.

I’ll just have to get this cap together another custom flip center or something to let this joint lose because this is snug on my head hmm temples are pulsating.

So shout out one more time to Ebonyline for sending me this unit I really appreciate it I will put direct link for my unit down below so you guys can check it out.

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I love you guys so much and I will see you
Next time Bye.

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