Hey guys welcome back to my channel it is your girl the show trends

So today I’m coming to you with a hair tutorial on these faux locs you see me rocking right now.
I received these faux locs from Ebonyline.com
I will have everything linked in the description box below in case you want to get this same hair and yeah

You guys if you like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, if you’re not already subscribed and receive this hair from Ebonyline.com and they were kind enough to send over five packages of hair

This is what the package of hair looks like it is by the company Bobby Boss and they are 36 inches as you can see
It’s like a kind of like a glare and yeah at the end it says hassle pre extended because you do not have to extend them yourself

They already come 36 inches and it comes with twice the hair in each package so once you open up the package of hair
This is what it looks like and these faux locs are like crinkly kind of messy looking a more realistic
They’re not just straight which is good and yeah you guys they’re 36 inches and with twice the hair each side what was the side over here
This side has 12 and that side had 12 as well

Um so it comes with 24 faux locs in the package so that is um good as well I got this hair in the color 1b
Okay y’all so this is what my braid pattern looks like some are braided and some are twisted
It just depended on how I felt at that time and yeah
So now I’m just going to take this oil and oil my scalp


Starting the process I’m just going to take the faux loc and crochet it through my braid and then after I crochet through my braid
I’m just going to fold it over to the other side the opposite direction just so it can be tight and on my scalp and then I’m going to get the water wave hair and separate that just so we can create more hair because as you know girl you know it’s not enough water wave hair in those tiny packs so
Anywho we’re going to go ahead and crochet that in as well and then it’s going to be a little piece that we’re going to insert on that water wave hair and we’re going to take the water wave hair the real hair and our faux loc and just begin to wrap that water wave hair around and I wrap it around enough times at the root of the hair just so um it can look seamless at the root

Like you know the lock is coming from my room and then yeah girl just continued to wrap it on down


So as you can see my real hair is longer than the water wave hair after wrapping it
So what I do is take another piece of that water wave hair and I crochet that through the faux loc itself and then I just begin wrapping again like I did at the root
Honestly y’all really don’t even have to do that
All you really have to do is wrap your real hair around the faux loc and when I tell you it looks exactly the same the only reason why I did this is because it’s in the front of my hair uh head and I just wanted to look
You know real nice or whatever but in the back of my head girl please I did not wrap this uh water wave hair around again
All I did was continue to wrap my real hair around the braid and finished it off like that and it really gave it like a more natural look


Okay y’all so this is the final look and yes honey like I’m really feeling this hairstyle and I’ll give you guys like a little turn and you can see how long it is
So yes yeah I’m really feeling this hairstyle

Um just to give like my thoughts it is um I wouldn’t say heavy but it does have some weight onto it of course because it is 36 inches so that is to be expected and I have about 52 to 55 braids in my head so yeah um but other than that this was a very easy install
It took me about maybe uh it took me four hours to install the hair and I braided it the day before so that was an hour so I’ll say all together I spent about five hours on this hairstyle

Yeah y’all I hope you guys enjoyed this video
If you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you’re not already subscribed
And I will see you guys in my next video


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