Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today’s video I’m going to show you guys how I achieved this really cute two ponytails jerry curl look.
So if you guys want to see how I got it please continue watching.

So I first start off with dirty hair.
My hair is not freshly washed and then I have these two wrap up ponytails that are 30 inches and they are the color 1.
These ponytails are really really good um I just love how full they are and I did not realize how full they would be until I started my hair but they are super super full.
But yes the ponytail is super thick super long and it’s the best.
So the first thing I’m doing is I’m going to be parting my hair so I part my hair down the middle um and then I just wrap up one side and I put it into a ponytail so I don’t have and then I’m going to be brushing my hair out and by brushing my hair out I am going to be just trying to get all tangles out so that it is going to be as sleek as possible and I’m just going to fast forward through this because y’all don’t need to see me doing all that forever


So after that I’m going to be taking this wax stick that I have all the products will be linked down below and this is just helping to like make sure my hair is nice and flat.
I love this wax stick it is the best I’ve mentioned it several times so y’all definitely should go and check it out.
Then I go back with my brush and I brush all the hair up so as you guys will be seeing it’s a lot of brushing my hair up and then also adding in product and it’s really just to make sure the product is inside the hair and it helps the hair to stay.
Now I’m going to be using um my style factor edge control which I have praised highly. I love this edge control so so much it is literally the best.
Then after I put it into my hair from the front of my hair and also the back I’m gonna brush it up as well.
After I’m done brushing my hair up I’m going to be using a tight ponytail holder and I’m going to be just wrapping my hair up and then once I wrap it up into the ponytail.
Um I’m going to twist it and then wrap it around in like a little ball kind of like a little bun um so that it is out of the way and first as you guys can see I’m just brushing my hair upward so that it does not look messy because I feel like every single time my hair in a ponytail it kind of like messes up how I had it so just brushing it up is really really helpful.
So yeah brush it up and then I’m going to be twisting my hair into a little bun so that it is perfectly secure and ready for the ponytails going into my hair.


So now you guys kind of get the gist of what I did on one side I do the exact thing on the other side so I’m just gonna speed it up so you don’t have to sit here and hear me talk the whole time.


So after I did both sides of my hair I used my edge stick this white edge wax stick again and this is just to make sure all my hair is really flat and pressed up without having to use a scarf and this is the best way to do it.
I actually really really love this wax stick and then I just brush all the hair up again.


So now here comes the ponytail so this ponytail from if you guys want to check them out.
Um what I love about this ponytail is that there are two clamps so that it really is secure to your hair so what I’m going to do is I’m going to be clamping putting the clamp into my hair in the front of my bun and then the side of my bun and then this is a wrap around ponytail.
So there’s like a wrap around um velcro strap that I basically just wrap around the entire ponytail this is the best velcro strap ponytail I’ve ever used it was so easy to maneuver and it literally just was like a snap. Snap on or snap on wig whatever you want to call it.
This ponytail was like the best when it came to securing it and I did not feel like it was going to fall off at all.
Once again this was definitely a lot of hair so it was definitely a lot to maneuver but when it came to like after the ponytail was on but it was the best when it came to applying it like it was so easy to put on and here it is look how cute and I’m just going to do the other side quickly.
Once again super easy you guys kind of see the velcro right there and any like I guess excess velcro I just kind of buy pinned down because I did kind of miss one piece of the velcro but y’all will see that I pinned it down after.


All right guys so next what I’m going to be doing is I’m doing my baby hairs and I am using my style factor edge control again and I’m just doing a easy soup effect you guys could do.
Your baby hairs however whether you want them or not I personally wanted baby hairs this style to make it more dramatic and it came together really really nicely so yeah that’s just what I’m doing using my edge control toothbrush.
It’s by hairs forever I absolutely love this. I’ve had this for like 2 years almost 3 years now it’s like a really good edge control toothbrush.


And here is the final look once again this hair is from
I absolutely recommend it whether you do this hairstyle or another hairstyle this hair is so full so curly like I love it and I love the 30 inch look to it.
Like it just really looks vavavoom extra so that’s kind of the kind of look that you will be going for, go ahead and purchase it.

Alright guys so that is the end of this video if you guys like this video do not forget to like comment subscribe and share.

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