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Hey guys what’s you doing!

If you can’t tell synthetic really is I only get that human hair because you know it’s some of y’all that want it but I love synthetic hair because I cannot comb here synthetic hair is easy.
As you can see I’m bald. Barely got edges but it’s all right.
Let me let me rake it like one of them church pews and give a little color.

One of my favorite companies that I get a lot of my synthetic drip from is Ebonyline and they sent us over two units y’all.
So when the company one of the wigs that every line was nice enough to snow this bam. Oh lord you can’t see that cause my lighting.

Gardenia by Bobbi Boss okay.
Can y’all see it on the stock card? Look!
Look look let me do it at angle. Gardenia.
Y’all know I ain’t never prepared but anyway Gardenia that’s g-a-r-d-e-n-i-a.
It is in the color 99J which I haven’t done any 99J here in a long long time.

Gardenia says that it’s part of the Bobbi Boss lace collection it comes with a 5 inch lace party space and HD lace.
Gardenia also comes with baby hairs you know. I’m gonna keep it with you.
I’m gonna keep real with you now Bobbi Boss is in my top 3 most favorite synthetic wig maker so I hope I like it.
I almost got it in this beautiful silver blonde color on the stock card but I always as you can tell I love that color so I said let me try something different okay.

Is it heat safe? It doesn’t say up to how many degrees that’s all right.
That y’all can’t even see, can you? That’s all right I’ma show it to you though okay.

Look how pretty that 99J used and it’s a true 99J and you never know what you’re gonna get with 99J sometimes they’d be lighter sometimes they’ll be darker and sometimes they just write like gardenia mm-hmm. I’m really excited.

I will say that um she came with lace that I’ve cut off.
Y’all know for these reviews that’s all I do I ain’t gonna never come on here with the style. One because I can build a style and two I want to set you up for the okie dough okay.
Y’all look at that so you got these fair faucet like featherings to the back and then these nice loose waves 99J is gorgeous.
There’s that hair texture up close. It’s not it’s not silky but it’s not all the way yaki either it’s that little nice in between texture.

Okay you get a common bag.
Your adjustable straps are in the front you get ear to ear lace and you get that 5 inch parting space. You also get a comb here to the right and a comb to the left.
We ain’t going to push it foot around with Gardenia let’s just put on this little stocking cap. Somebody said why you put them on you ain’t got no hair, don’t do that okay.
On the stock card she’s wearing her in the middle so I am going to do the same.
First you guys and we’ll see if we can shift her around.

Oh yes ma’am.
Oh y’all um y’all y’all

Okay before I rake these little ratchet nails through it.
Oh y’all!

They got baby hairs. I like to call them teenage hairs because they’re a little long but they do that for you to customize them.
Hold on y’all let me turn this off because why do I look like a zombie. Okay there y’all go there you go.

Okay y’all that really is not that bad especially once I run some powder through it okay. It’s pretty transparent.

Okay before I run my little dusty fingers through it let me do a uh 360 for y’all first let me stand up. Yes, I got on pajama pants that’s the length and I’m 5.5.
This uh to the left just up with everything to the back lord I know you can see my back fat this hunt to the right. All right let me put a little bit of powder in this.
This part let’s see what it do okay.
Y’all know my powder will never match right hair my foundation hardly match it all right let’s try. Yep that’s too light that’s yeah that’s way too light I don’t know what I was thinking. Y’all what the heck I was thinking hold on let me go in with something darker. Yeah yeah that would have been a better shade but it’s too late now.
That’s all right y’all can get an idea.

Yeah they got them little filler hairs right here them filler fibers is that what they call them. Yeah I want this wig and whatever other colors they got.
Oh y’all yes okay like I said it does have them filler fibers up there so be you know if you don’t like that you know this might not be for you but sis you better learn like because this a whole look and y’all know I don’t do nothing to these wigs but put cut off the lace and put some powder ain’t my skin tone in that part.

Okay y’all this is a bomb this is a win I definitely recommend this one y’all.

Let me get up close so you can see that here texture now okay there you are and that’s such a beautiful 99J huh.
Of course you could put powder that is your skin tone around the perimeter to try to cover that up too. But I just keep on messing it up a little.
Okay but look even with my mess up that don’t look bad huh.

Y’all this is a nice unit I like this one do I recommend this one?
I definitely recommend this one y’all! This is a bomb!
Go get this one right now if you look in that description box I’ll put direct link to where you can go get this from my good friends over there Ebonyline

I love y’all till next time be very soon.
Bye~ 🖐🖐🖐

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