welcome back to my channel!

I am back today with another video and today y’all.
As y’all can see I have a new wig to do a review on this one is from Outre the name of this wig is called Harper.
First of all before we get too involved in this wig review I’d like to give a huge shout out to Ebonyline.com for sending me this unit to do a review on.
Thank you very much it is highly highly highly appreciated.

So right here I’m just showing you how the inside of the wig we do have that extra elastic band in the back with the two combs in the front and one in the back with the adjustable draw strap so yeah.
That’s exactly what I’m showing you right now.
This is a close-up of what she is looking like.

They did say that we had some pre-pluckation on here, no plucking required per Outre and I have to agree that we have pre-pluckation but um some people may want to go in and do a little bit more because it’s not plucked to perfection but I’m liking what is given because I mean it’s not necessary for us to go in and pluck it if we don’t want to.

She is ear to ear as y’all can see my head is 22″ and it fits pretty good on me y’all.
So yeah loving the parting space as well.
This is for the lefties y’all this is the left side part loving it.
So right here I’m just pulling my wig all the way down y’all know I got this big old forehead I got a lot of space I can show y’all if it’s big hair friendly just by pulling it down and I think that she is so yes definitely big hair friendly in my opinion.

This wig is supposed to give us that frontal effect y’all so um it’s not doing it for me right here. Obviously I have to go in and make sure it matches my skin tone.
We do have baby hairs on here too. I did utilize the baby hairs they were very very fine which I really really like.

I didn’t tell y’all what color this wig is.
This is my new favorite color y’all I am loving this color right here this one is DRFF2 Cinnamon Mocha.


Yeah she is really really pretty. Y’all I’m definitely loving the way she is looking on me. I’m feeling like a school girl I guess because of the outfit too but yeah this is really really cute. the style is cute y’all so anyway let’s jump into all the good stuff and of course the not so good stuff.

I am a lefty so this is a left side part so this one is for us y’all so definitely loving where the part is so um yeah. Left side part, the style is cute y’all.

I was thinking that I wasn’t gonna love this curl that’s going anywhere because I did see it on a few of my other wig base and I wasn’t really thinking that I was gonna like it but she kind of cute y’all.
She is a little um I guess you could say sophisticated.
Maybe you know the little romantic type of curls so I’m loving the way the curls are looking. I actually like it surprisingly because I didn’t think I would so yeah nice style of course y’all. This is my new favorite color when it comes to Outre.

This is so pretty and the density is really really nice.
It’s more on the natural side not too thin though y’all so it’s perfect to me.
I like the density on this one not too thin not too thick just really really nice the luster is really really nice too.
This one isn’t shiny at all so I’m definitely loving it I didn’t even mention to y’all but we do have a few layers in this one too I just noticed it actually.

I was thinking it was all one length but yeah we have a few layers not too many most of it is one length but yeah loving the little extra little layers we have in this wig. As for the texture of this one this one is a light yaki in my opinion I don’t think it’s too silky at all.
My yaki people would not be mad at this one so I’m definitely here for the texture of this one perfect in my opinion not too much yaki and not too much too.

So yeah I’m in this video leave that comment you already know my thoughts.
I want to know yours so let’s continue the conversation.

I will see y’all in my next video! 🖐🖐🖐

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