🎨 Choosing The Right Color Of Wig 🎨

“What color should I get?” is often question we receive from customers.
What is the right color for your skin tone? Do you know?
We often see that lots of customers just choose black (1 or 1B), brown, and natural colors because they are not so sure if the other colors will match their skin tone.

As you likely know, the color of wig can look different depends on how much light is reflecting off of your wig just like your natural hair does. Depends on the light, your wig tend change its color like if you are out side, under the sun, the color of wig looks brighter and if you are inside or dark at night, it tends to look darker and less textured.
It could be a challenging when choosing the color of wig. So let’s see how to choose the right one!

What To Consider When Choosing The Color

Before e go ahead and choose the color, you need to decide if you want human hair, synthetic or heat safe synthetic wig. Depends on what kind of wig you get, the color might look different. For example, the auburn color looks warmer on human hair wig and cooler on synthetic hair wig.

What Is The Best Color For Your Skin?

Just like foundation or makeup for your skin, if you get used to it, it will be simple but it also can be difficult to choose the right color for your skin tone.
The tip is, do not choose the color that is 2 shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Also, to be safe, if it is your first wig just go with the same shade as your natural hair. Now when you get a hang of it, you can change up the color chart a little bit and gradually.

Different than foundation or make up, you don’t have to stick with specific color. It certainly is a good news, isn’t it? Just like skin, the hair also has cool tone and warm tone. As long as you stay within a range(if you are not an expert), you can play around with some other bold colors. But remember, 2 shades lighter or darker will match the best!

How Do You Read The Color Chart?

The common questions we get are;
“What is difference between 1/1B and 2?”
“What those numbers mean from your color chart?”
“What color should I get?”

Here we are, answers all your questions at once!
To be honest with you, it is pretty simple and easy!

🖤 Black Range : 1 to 1B
🤎 Brown Range : 2 to 12
💛 Blonde Range : 14 to 26
💗 Natural Reds/Auburn Range : 27 to 33
🧡 Vibrant Red Range : 130 to 134
🤍 Gray Range : 34 to 60

We will always put up picture of the color on each product so even if you forget the ranges that is perfectly ok!
Let’s choose the beautiful wig and enjoy the blessing day.

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