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They sent it in the style Safira.
I’m assuming that’s how you pronounce it, S-A-F-I-R-A.

Safira there she is look you look angry looking bob okay.
Safira is in their crimp wave style, they sent in the beautiful colors DR4/GOLDENHONEYMELTS okay.
Um Safira is heat safe up to 400 degrees.
What else to say on here pre-plucked natural baby hairs y’all.

Ain’t done nothing to Safira but cut off this darken lace okay and there you are there’s that lace in the knitting.
That’s all I did y’all know I’m gonna keep it real with you ain’t gonna set you up okie dok.

Let’s focus on this wig you get ear to ear lace and a lace parting space you get to come to the right and I come to the left you also get a comb in the back and some adjustable straps look at that okay.
Y’all look at this color I never had a wig by outright in this color this is once again called DR4/GOLDENHONEYMELTS.
This wig is darker honey blondes here and then lighter honey blondes at the bottom.
That’s a beautiful color blend.

Okay let’s see if she looks cute on.
All right let me take off gardenia okay we can’t mess this one up because this one ain’t going on Poshmark.

All right it looks like she curves over here to the right so let me curve on over here to the right. Hold the hell up is that what? Oh it is shorter on one side look y’all.
I finna act out oh y’all this is gonna be cute it’s gonna be a cute little bob see how easy the switch up is with these synthetic tail wigs I’m working on my language.
Hey ma I know you watching.

I love I like annoying y’all know I gotta show them little dudes this show.
Hold on there we go. Yeah this color bomb too okay.
There’s that parting space up close like I said y’all know thing I did was cut off that lace that’s them baby hairs too but y’all know ain’t nothing about me a baby so I just swoop them all out the way kind of like let me put a little pound okay.

Y’all know my powder don’t never match like I always say hell my foundation barely do.
Y’all Safira is a bomb okay I ain’t ran my hands through it cause I am okay I don’t think you should either let me.
See how look I took a little behind this ear what’d she do then.
Oh look at this okay look this up to the right look at that left profile what y’all.
Y’all see that. Period. I do recommend this one let me show it to you in the back.

What I’m looking like what what my credit score hitting on can you see my bra while I’m talking noise cause it came from TJ Maxx.

Yeah I recommend this one and honestly I recommend this one all jokes aside.
Let me get serious a professional all jokes aside I recommend it in this color but she comes in tons and tons and tons of color.
Um Chocolate, Cinnamon Spice, this one, Black Cherry, Honey Brown, Amber Blonde, so many beautiful choices I do look I do recommend this one.

This one a whole box go get this one I recommend like I always say maybe you’re not into wigs I don’t know maybe it’s your cousin’s Saffron that’s a spice ain’t it.
Maybe it’s your uncle sassafras I know that ain’t no doll’s own name but that’s his stage name that y’all don’t know about because on the weekend you know he performs on the whole different name but you don’t know him as sassafras you know him as Johnny okay.
Let him live in his truth send him our way and we’ll get him right just a whole bob look stiff weird to look at.
At first I thought it had no movement but it got movement.

I definitely recommend this one thank you Ebonyline for sending this one over.
f you look in the description box y’all.

Why am I this way every time I get on here I say be professional.
I just called your whole uncle sassafras I’ll try again next week.

Until next time y’all it will be very soon thank you Ebonyline.
Bye y’all.

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