Today I do have a unit that was sent over from ebonyline.com and this unit is Yulia.
It is by Bobbi Boss and it’s kind of an older unit.

You can kind of see the stock card there so I have her in the color 2.
It’s a 5″ deep lace part ear to ear lace hand tied natural baby hair and heat style safe so I’m gonna pop her open and we’re gonna see what she’s looking like.

So I picked up this unit because as I was browsing their site I just thought that she looked like a good everyday kind of unit.
All right so here she is the lace is pretty much like a light brown color and as you can see it does come with those baby hairs.
There is the parting space looks really good definitely looks 5″ long so I’m happy about that.

Yeah let’s try that one.

Okay so this is how the unit is looking straight on my head as you can see she does come with some long little baby bangs that’s how the hairline is looking pretty dense but I am getting ear to ear coverage I would say my edges are poking out a little bit but they always do that so.
She is ear to ear, she is big head friendly she is big head friendly that’s the number one thing I was kind of worried about.
I know I’m looking crazy right now but I’m gonna go ahead cut the lace, hook her up and I will be back with my final.


Okay beauty so let’s talk all about the details on this unit Yulia by Bobbi Boss.

I think that this unit is very cute a very good everyday style as I stated was my reason for picking her out.
I think she fulfills that need perfectly like she’s cute you can get a lot of different uses out of her.
If you’re just running to the store, if you have a zoom meeting, if you just need a wig to throw on that day I think that she’s a very cute everyday style I really like the length on her.

She gives you some length but she’s not too much.
This is a silky texture she might be coming across even more silkier than she really is.
She’s really not too shiny so I do think she has a very natural luster to her and a natural density as well.

Let me go ahead and turn around so you can see her from all angles.

I’m really here for this unit and like these effortless little curls love the price on her affordable beginner friendly all of that.

Okay don’t sleep on Yulia as for the cons with this unit.
I did get some slight shedding some slight tangling nothing too crazy just like a little snag or two as I was running my hands through but she’s pretty flowy um very bouncy as you can see so I don’t think that’s a huge problem.

Also I do prefer my units just to have a little bit more density to them she is on the thin side or on the natural side so if that’s something you prefer then that’s great that’s more of a preference thing.
For me she could be just a little bit thicker but I do like you know the look of her.

That pretty much wraps up all my thoughts on this unit.
I think she’s a great beginner friendly everyday style.

Let me know down in the comment section how you are feeling her.
Would you rock the student would you pick her up do you think the price is worth it let me know all of that in the comments below, let’s check!

I would like to give a huge thank you to EBONYLINE for sending over this unit for me to review.
Check out that link in the description box below if you are interested in purchasing her because all the information will be right there for you.
Shout out to you for making it to the end of this video thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel.

I will see you guys 💋 in the next one~

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