So today’s unit was sent to me by ebonyline so shout out to them and thank you kindly for sending me this unit.

This is Outre’s melted hairline in the style Seraphine and I got it in the color DRFF2 Cinnamon Mocha and if you’ve been rocking with me these past few weeks you know that I’ve been loving these browns these auburns all season long.

This is what the card looks like and this is what the middle of the card looks like it shows a few other colors that it comes in and it does have an up charge for specialty colors.

It does range on their website for about $40 so the link for all that information is listed below and this is definitely a melted hairline Outre has been coming through with these melted hairlines baby.
So I wanted to do something a little bit fun and different today I decided to style this unit because I wanted to see how well this hairline really melts and this is what it’s looking like.

So I made a stupid mistake when I was cutting the ear tab because the lace was like ear to ear it came all the way down past my ears a little bit right here and I was cutting the lace to shape my ear and my dumb ass ended up cutting um a little bit of the hair so I tried to do this side. Stupid mistake on my end but it is what it is.
Yes it’s cute I like this color I like the unit!

Cap size is very small I will definitely say this cap size is a little snug um I’m more in the medium spectrum but when I put it on I was like dang this is really tight so I would not recommend it if you have a big head.
It does have two combs on the side one come in the back and adjustable straps back there as well. I didn’t even do anything.
The adjustable straps are on like the tightest the loosest setting and yeah so I am loving this color you guys can see.
The only thing that I did was that I used my even lace tip.
I sprayed the lace tint on and then I did cut the lace.

If you guys saw I showed you earlier in the video how far in the lace I cut in honestly I really just cut at the hairline but instead of leaving out a little bit of lace I do cut in a little bit so I feel like that helps me blend in my units a little bit better.
And honestly I didn’t even glue this part down this part is like free balling right up here.
I did glue down the sides and like the ear tabs because I wanted to lift this unit up so when I lifted it up it came up with it otherwise if I was keeping the hair down I wouldn’t have glued it down at all.
So I did glue down this just so I can style the unit for you guys.

It does have a little bit of shedding minor tangling it’s not a lot but it is long longer units do tend to tangle but the great thing about this unit is that it doesn’t really have a curl pattern to it so there will be some longevity of the lifetime of the unit you won’t have to worry about that. There are baby hairs included in this unit.

I did not feel the need I didn’t feel like I needed them and it has a 5″ deep parting space.
You guys know I don’t like doing a lot of work but I wanted to bring something a little bit different so yeah.

You can get away with not gluing this unit down because this cap size is so tiny and um it has an elastic band back there that can pull it tight so just keep that in mind.
If you are big head friendly I do not recommend this wig but if you have a medium to small size head and you want something fun for the holidays definitely a thumbs up in my book so I hope you guys enjoy this video.

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