How To Tell If Your Wig Fits Right ✔

Not like clothes, wig does not show clear signs if they fit or not. However, the right fit for wig is very important for your confident and comfort especially if you are wearing a wig daily.
Fortunately, there are some signals wigs are sending! Let’s take a look what they are!

How To Find Your Size

The very first step would be acknowledging your cap/wig size. Normally people don’t know of exact size, it’s not like pant size goes by 2,4, or 10. Don’t worry! It is actually pretty easy.
You might have watched few or many Youtube influencer videos who tells you how to measure which comes in handy but just in case you have not, let me show you.

First, take soft measuring tape and measure your circumference of your head.
Start from the nape of your neck and end of your hairline. Keep in mind that most of wigs come with the adjustable straps so you can adjust the size of the wig.

Example 👇

You might have heard of “big head friendly”. Does this mean there are different sizes?
Yes, wigs come in 3 different sizes : petite, average, and large.
If your size is between 20″ to 21.5″, then you can go with the petite size wigs.
If your size is between 21.5″ to 22.5″, then you can go with the average size wigs.
Lastly, if your size is between 22.5″ to 23″, the you can go with the large size wigs.

How To Put On

Did you order a wig with your size? Now you can check the fit yourself if the size you measured is fitting properly or not. Just like clothes, the sizes vary depends on the brands and styles. If you are experience wig wearer then you would know but if you are not, you might find it hard. Most important factor is, are your comfortable in the unit?

If the wig fits your perfectly then that would be the best result but if it does not then you might need to plat it around a little bit. First, put on your wig and take a good look in the mirror. Move your head around to the right and left, just like you do during your day.
By doing so, you will have more clear ideas of size and preferences.

How To Tell If The Wig Is Small

✔ Keeps on sliding back on your head
✔ Shows your scalp or hairline
✔ Rolling under
✔ Monofilament top sticks up
✔ Too tight and squeezing your head
✔ Pulls your hair(biological hair)

How To Tell If The Wig Is Big

✔ Slides along when you move your head
✔ Ear tabs gap up
✔ Able to see your hair under the ear tabs gap
✔ Hairline or lace front is wrinkling or buckling

Adjustable Straps

Like I mentioned before, there are adjustable straps coming along with wig.
If you see any symptoms listed above, you can try to adjust the wig using the straps in your wig cap. Usually, using adjustable straps fixes most of minor size differences but if the problems are still the same, then we should recommend getting a different size.

We understand that proper fit of the wig is major and important factor when it comes to wearing a wig.
We really hope this helps and let you choose the right size when you order a wig!

If you are ready to slay the styles then go to to get some ❤

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