How to install and remove box braids at home

As protective style is a all time favorite style, lots of customers are asking “What can I get for protective styling?”.
As some of you may already know, box braids is one of the top styles that are very protective.
Also, lots of popular celebrities like Beyoncé and Solange have worn the style, as well as Gabrielle Union, Zoe Kravitz, Tia Mowry and many others.

What are the box braids?

Box braids are 3 stranded braids that are divided into square shaped sections.
They are certainly more defined since the tension that is applied to the braids are enough to prevent fly-aways.
Box braids are not braided flat against the scalp, instead hair is sectioned off into squares (or boxes) all throughout the scalp and gets braided down its entire length.
You can use human or synthetic hair to achieve the look.

Knotless braids are on a trend now of classic box braids and they give more natural finish and the look.
And that is because they put less tension on your hair so they get chosen by people with sensitive scalps.

Both options are a great protective style because there’s no heat, or constant pulling which means your hair won’t have any issues with growing.

How to install your box braids

Before we open the hair, make sure your biological hair is washed(shampooed & conditioned), detangled, and trimmed.
Above step is to protect your hair to be healthy and moisturized before going into a long-term style like braids.


Wash, condition, detangle, and blow dry your hair before braiding.
You need to make sure that you prepare your hair to be clean, and moisturized so your hair will holds up the style.
Sometimes, hair mask can be helpful to moisturize your hair along with deep conditioning because it will prevent your hair from breakage.


Apply leave-in products to ensure your hair is soft, hydrated, and smooth which will be easier for you to apply braids.
Then, you can blow dry your hair before install the braids.


First, section your hair and then make another section within the section you already made.
The smaller sections will be the size of your braids you are installing.
We recommend using combs for sectioning so that you can make them effortless and clean parts.


Finally! Let’s install the braids.
Take a piece of braiding hair and place it on top of the sectioned off piece of hair.
Start doing the 3-strand braid.
– Braids -> your hair -> braids –


It is important to keep everything in place so it won’t look messy.
Once you get towards the end of your real hair, it’s time to feed it into the braiding hair.
Also make sure to keep detangling your hair as you go, the smoother your hair is the longer the braids will last. 


Once you are finished with all the braids, seal the ends of the braids with hot water.
We recommend using foam mouse to keep your braids last long and keep fly-aways flat.


Use edge control and an edge brush to lay your baby hairs.
If you don’t have edge brush, you can substitute it with toothbrush.
The final step and polished look is coming from well laid baby hairs.

How to remove installed box braids


Damp your hair with warm water. Add detangling product to your hair to add little slip to your hair.
Make sure to go in sections so that your hair does not dry in the process.


Always move from bottom and move upwards. If you are cutting off the bottom part, keep in mind to don’t cut off too much because your hair probably grown a little bit.


Now, add some detangling products on your fingertips and unravel your braids.
You can detangle the braids using wide tooth combs or your fingers.
Keep in mind that always move from bottom to top.


Once you are finished unraveling the braids, remove the braids completely from your hair.
After you remove them, make sure to hydrate your hair with some products you have.

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