This in the style LDP GAMI that’s g-a-m-i and they sent it in one of my most favorite colors by Motown Tress.
They sent the color F8/Latte, l-a-t-t-e.
That F, they said stands for frost okay.

Miss GAMI the stock card says it’s 22″ long and she comes in tons of colors.
She is heat safe up to 400 degrees.
Now Motown Tress says this part of a HD invisible lace.

It says it’s a spinnable part all these balls okay invisible slayable spinnable okay comes the inner ear lace.
The color on the stock card is actually very pretty that color if you’re wondering is OFH4/BLONDE but like I said I got latte and latte is actually very gorgeous too.

Okay let me show you latte.

The only thing that I’ve done to GAMI is cut off the lace and y’all know that’s always okay.
Latte is extremely pretty that color okay.
It got a lot of highlights and lowlights in there and I hope that’s picking up on camera because I got my ring light on but it’s really low.
There’s that HD lace that I cut off and actually it might be blendable we gonna see.

Let’s look at the cap construction in the back you get combs and adjustable straps or a comb and adjustable straps in the front you get two combs one here to the right one to left and there is your lace that goes ear to ear and you get that little lace part.
Okay there’s go the baby hairs they kind of long they look like adolescent hairs not really baby hairs so let us see.

I need a stocking cap.
Shut up y’all know I know yet I’ll be right back.
See I told you I’ll be right back.

All right let’s put miss GAMI on y’all and see what she’s hitting on and I will say a lot of times Motown Tress comes across as like really shiny but I’ll just say and y’all know I tell you she ain’t that shiny.

Which way is this part going?

Now I say it’s a spinnable part so y’all just actually don’t look like it’s gonna be bad.
There is no dark rooting but I actually love this color blend.
All right GAMI okay pull it off my forehead son huh.
Y’all that ain’t that bad! This would actually be bomb in black.
I’m gonna brush out one side and leave the other side un-brushed.

Yeah yeah this is cute.
There’s some baby hairs and they’re lace I gonna be honest.
When I wear this one y’all I’ma cut the baby hairs out because like I always tell y’all I’m not I’m just not a baby hair person okay I’m not.
Okay the people be like oh I make it look more natural I got I got a blonde and synthetic wig on, I got fake blue eyes, I got fake eyelashes, I got extremely high highlighter under my eyes, ain’t nothing about me trying to be natural period okay.
Like I’m bald-headed like any weird guy well gonna look unnatural why? cause I’m bald.

Y’all this really is not that bad yeah I like this and I actually like it in this color but I know that it will be gorgeous in a black as well.

This is GAMI straight on.
This is her to the left that’s her to the right and that’s her in the back.

Y’all she also has like a really good density.
Motown Tress okay.

I’m trying to see if I’m getting like tangles and y’all I’m not I’m not getting tangles I’m not getting shed and I already cut that I cut that lace off so there you are.
Like I said I’m cutting baby hairs out that’s what he is gonna get cut out okay.

But y’all GAMI is cute I definitely recommend her and it says you know spinnable part so you can make it deeper you can bring over here to the middle like you have to.
You know finagle a little bit but she’ll be bomb in the middle.
You can spin over here to the left okay but in my opinion I like her as a a deep right part look at that bang and y’all know I’m basic so.

I recommend her like I said this is straight out the pack all I did was add you know some powder a little bit of not really the skin tone is supposed to be powdered to that part I definitely recommend her.

Thank you ebonyline for sending it over!

Like I was telling y’all might not be into these doggone wigs maybe she couldn’t Gabby.
Maybe it’s your uncle Gabrielle I don’t know would you ever one of them send them my way me ebonyline to get them right.

Okay until next time y’all will be very soon.

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