It is a new sleigh and this lady is featuring ebonyline and this is your girl Laurel by Outre.

Now before we even get started on my thighs, I want you to take a peek of the inside of the cap construction and what I did to customize it for my own liking.
So hey y’all this is the perfect hairline by and I have their new style Laurel in the color DR6 Champagne Fizz.
This is the faux scalp and it’s the transparent HD lace.

This is the packaging and as you already know I got this from ebonyline.com so this is how she looks.
Here’s the stock card, this is how the color looks it looks really pretty.

Let’s get all the good stuff out.
All right so this is a pretty sandy blonde if you were interested in wanting to know what the Champagne Fizz look like it’s really pretty.
Here’s the lace and here is the faux scalp.
It has combs, one on the right one on the left one on the back with the adjustable strap and it does come with a ton of baby hairs so I’m just going to go ahead try this baby on and then I’m going to come.

Hey y’all so I wanted to come on here before you know I do my juice you know to get it laid and slayed and all like that however um yeah you can see where the full cap is like aligned and yeah I’m not feeling that it’s a gorgeous wig so far even though it looks crazy right now but the color is still absolutely beautiful.

So um I think what I’m going to do is I think I’m going to cut the stretch cap out so here is the faux cap and there’s like an underlining of where the lace is at and the faux cap so I am going to separate the two and I’m going to cut it.
So I cut it and now you see where the lace is at so it’s like your lace is still protected so if you don’t want this on there if it’s not working for you, you can just go ahead and just cut this off like I am doing now.

All right y’all so this is how the wig construction looks like a regular wig construction if you cut out the faux lace.
Now don’t be like me and get distracted and start talking to your boo or whatever and then start making little holes in there for not um concentrating too darn much but all in all you know I can still make the wig work and I’m feeling more comfortable with this wig so stay tuned.

All right so I cut off that faux lace and um it just looks like a regular you know constructed lace frontal wig so I improve that as an option if you don’t like the the faux lace underneath it you can just cut it out and just work with what you got.
As you can see you cannot see the edge of the faux lace I feel a lot more comfortable.

You know with this wig and I’m loving this color so y’all I’m about to go and play this because I gotta get my birthday here together.
I am going to get it together and to think I was gonna do a different color I’m definitely gonna stick with this one so um stay tuned.

Hey y’all I’m back with my final review on this wig as you know I got this wig from ebonyline.com now this wig has been kind of popular it’s like the new thing from Outre’s the perfect hairline and this is from their faux lace as you can see here and as I have already showed you.

So yeah let’s get straight into it I absolutely do love this color this is my birthday color I’m going to be rocking her for like two days and then I’m going to switch my wig but she’s definitely giving me I don’t know you know blondes have more fun so that’s what she’s giving me a fun time and that’s what I’m going to have a fun time on my birthday despite you know the shutdown.

So anyway with this color this color is very pretty.
If you’re not into blondes you definitely need one blonde wig in your closet to have fun.
I do love the mix of like strawberry blonde in 613 like a 27 because it gives it a lot of dimension however when it comes to blonde hair and yes with this unit, I did receive shedding it could be because of the color or it could be because I did cut the lace and I did do a little boo-boos you know a couple mistakes so that could have been the hairs coming out but I mean it’s never to my surprise with a blonde hair that I’m going to get shedding.

So if it doesn’t bother you just make sure you try to tame it with some wig spray or some foam spray to try to tame you know the fRizziness and the flyaways.

This hair is long I’m five six so it does come down past my chest area and it’s like midway to my midsection so it is long.

Another thing about this wig to me it’s not as thick as I thought it would be.
I mean it kind of looks a little more voluminous on the stock card but you already know that’s advertisement for you I have seen other people review this wig but it could be because of the color and sometimes with the color it could lessen the density of the wig.
I’m pretty sure if I would have gotten a 1b it probably would have been a lot fuller and a lot more tameable however I am not going to like you know really complain about this wig because I definitely wanted this wig and this color for my birthday.

It does lay down really nice so I do want to come in and I want y’all to see.
I’m the scalp and I did lay my straightening comb to try to you know flatten it some more but it does part very nice.

It does come with baby hairs.

Now the texture it does have like a silky texture but it’s like a mix with yaki as well so it’s not all the way um you know super smooth super silky.
The yaki texture kind of you know gives the curls a little more hold but I did brush out my curls because I was just trying to get the king style and just style it to my liking.

I love the bang here.
Now the way how I parted it was basically how the wig laid when I put on it kind of like laid to my left side so I decided to just work with it like that.

Now if you want, you can definitely go ahead and probably put this in the ponytail or whatever you want to do.

I’m not big head friendly so you definitely gonna have a lot of forehead space around the perimeter and definitely a lot of space in the back all right.

I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna give y’all a 360.
So this is how the hair looks all in the front very pretty this is how the hair looks on the left side and as you can see it’s kind of thin but it might be a great density for you.
I’m just a person who loves like drag queen beauty pageant hair that’s just my taste.
This is how the hair looks all in the back and this is how the hair looks on the right side so it has a nice body you know glam type of wave.

You know it’s not too much of grill it’s nice definitely cute for the holiday but yeah y’all let me know which you think in the comment section below.

Once again this is Laurel in the color DR6 Champagne Fizz so check her out and let me know your thoughts on this wig.

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