📢 What Is Half-Wig? And How Do You Wear It?

There are many types of wig as you may already know like lace front wig, full wig, half wig, and etc. But, do you know the difference between those hair types?

We experienced that many people might not know what half wig is. We understand.
What is half wig? How does it look like? How do you wear them?
Let us answer you all that questions today!

What is a half wig?

Half wig is literally covering half and a part of your head.
Usually it comes to cover back of your head to the middle part of your head.
Half wigs are usually used for adding volume, length, and special look such as celebrity hair style look.

Half wigs will let your natural hair to reach its potential and allow your face to be framed by your natural hair.

How to choose the right half wig for you

These 3 are just an example and there so many different styles you can choose from!
All different textures, hair styles, length, colors, and more!

Before you purchase any half wigs, let’s consider the reason why you would wear one or already wearing one.
There could be several reasons for your choice such as adding the volume to needed area, just wanted to change some styles, or I am so fabulous!?

Make sure to clarify your reason before you make a purchase to avoid any regrets!

How to wear a half wig?

Step 1.

The best way to fit half wig is to make your natural hair into a ponytail.
With a comb, create a parting from ear to ear, about one or two inches away from the hairline.
Leave wisps of your hair out at the front of your face.

Step 2.

Place the front comb at the top of your head where your parting is.
Then slide the comb downwards as firmly as you can.
For added security, you can also use the flexible comb section at the bottom of the wig and slide this upwards along the nape of your neck.

Step 3.

Lastly, try to blend or disguise the seam parts.
Also, you can style it as you want with accessories or styling tool!

Easy right? Just 3 simple steps!
Now that you know what to consider and how to wear them, go ahead and place an order to try one today!

We really hope you enjoy the hair units as that is our passion!
Choose wisely and be fabulous today.

Published by EbonyLine

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