Welcome back to my channel I am back today with another video and today y’all I have another wig to do a review on.
But first if y’all have not subscribed to my channel, definitely subscribe.

This one is from Bobbi Boss the name of this wig is called Nadia.
This one is a human hair wig y’all and it was sent to me from my good friends at ebonyline.com so of course I like to give them a shout out for sending me this wig to do a review on.
Thank you very much it is highly highly appreciated!

Okay y’all so this is what she is looking like on the stock card cute cute cute.
I have this one in the color Natural Black and of course you already know that the name of this one is called Nadia and she is from Bobbi Boss.
Like I was telling you earlier I think I said this this is unprocessed human hair y’all.

So it’s called sleek and chick wig Nadia other details about this one is that of course we already know that it’s short.
It has a flex fit cap hand knotted lace part free position wig choose your parting side which I just wore mine in a bang but yeah you can bleach and you can perm this one color all that good stuff.
Right here I’m just showing y’all the inside of the cap.
We don’t have any combs that y’all can see in this wig and I just want to show y’all this glue that I was sent.
Ebonyline did send me this glue too.

I can’t use it obviously in this video because this is a full cap wig but i plan to use this in an upcoming video it’s called SIF Waterproof Lace Bond Stronghold Vitamin B Fortified For Edge Growth so this is supposed to be good for our edges which I’m definitely here for y’all.
So yeah definitely upcoming video I will be using it.

Skay y’all this is what she is looking like straight on my head of course I’m gonna have to run a flat iron through her but what I’m feeling right now is like seriously she is so so soft I am loving what I’m feeling on my neck y’all.
I can’t stand the itchiness I can’t and this is super soft so I am going to run this flat iron in it because she is a little lopsided.

Let’s talk about miss Nadia I think she’s cute y’all.
This is really really cute.

I don’t know if I got the right outfit on today because I’m thinking she is more on the edgy style in my opinion.
I like her as an edgy style I thought I had me a different outfit on because this is not really going with the hair but ignore that part let’s talk about Nadia.

I think she’s real cute y’all I always love me a cute bang style.
I have mostly pros for this one y’all maybe one kind and let’s get into the pros first.
First of all she is a plop and go y’all once y’all get the little lopsided part that was kind of you know like going in and out once y’all get that straight y’all.
A good easy sledge I mean I feel like I treated the system of sledge when it comes to laying away girl because she was so so easy so call it all lazy wig wearers me included this one could be for you.

As for the texture the texture is more on the silky side y’all so if you like a whole bunch of yaki this is not it but this one is more on the silky side.
I don’t think it’s too silky in my opinion but this is coming from a person who likes silky and yet so I don’t think she’s too silky she is a bit shiny which could be a negative but an easy fix y’all.
All you gotta do is spray a little bit of dry shampoo or pack some baby powder on it and you’re good to go but as for the way she’s feeling.

I already told y’all the way she is feeling is everything y’all I mean when I tell you she is a lightweight and extremely soft she better be she is human hair.
So there would be no excuse for her not to feel extra extra soft and the light went out it feels like I have no hair on my head except for the part that is really touching my skin but as for lightweight yeah she’s definitely really really lightweight.

I actually love the style.
Style is really really cute.

I haven’t gotten any tangles as you all can see and I didn’t get hardly any shedding from this hair so.
I almost forgot as for density y’all this one is more on the normal side so if you’re looking for something super super thick this is not for you but I think this is perfect y’all.

It looks like someone’s natural hair and it’s definitely not too thin so in my opinion the only thing that I can say about this one that would be a con I already said it she’s a bit shiny but an easy fix y’all.
So I feel like she’s cute and she is definitely a goal in my opinion.

If you like a cute little short bang style, this would definitely be perfect for the summer time especially if you’re in the hot state so definitely a goal for me.
I think she’s cute.

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