Today’s video is sponsored by Ebonyline.com they was kind enough to send me out this unit so I have with me today ANNIE.
I got ANNIE right here I have it in two different colors, I have it in a natural color 1B and I also have it in a Ginger Brown so we’re going to get right into this video and then you already know I’m let y’all know my final thoughts.

What’s up with this unit is a textured unit so it’s like a yaki texture like a natural hair texture like me I like silky or whatever but this is not silky at all.
It’s natural and I’m gonna show y’all or whatever as soon as I get this right.

It’s having a I mean it looks like it’s going to have a fight but so far y’all can see the yaki texture on, it is not shiny at all like I don’t need to use no dry shampoo.
Like the parting area it gives you a lot of parting space and this one is the one I use my contour palette on and the lace is no longer white and ashy, I like that

The lace actually blends in but I can’t wear this wig way up here like pull it back pull it back like it’s way on your girl forehead and y’all know I gotta be full head so y’all already know
See this is why I say this is not a bob like it’s not.
I think bob should be okay kinda because of the angle it is cutting the angle but I don’t know so let’s style it and see all right y’all so this is Outre 12″ bob.
I’m not gonna call it a bob but 12″ I do want to say this is how you can wear it to the side.

Now do I recommend the side with it you can’t do a deep deep side part because if you do it will look awkward.
This side will be short this side will be real long and that’s just not how bobs go this side whatever your part is on supposed to be short and the other side supposed to be the long side just period.

Yeah so this is the ginger brown color y’all.
I actually like it on me.
I didn’t think i would yeah this is really really a textured unit like a yaki texture like a blow dry textured unit.

Now I do want to say this if you do put heat to your units, heat can change the texture of synthetic wigs it will make it silky.
Let me see I’m gonna test a under-piece.

I don’t want to test I’m gonna go over there and flat iron it and I’m gonna come back and show y’all because it won’t reach but as y’all can see you can see like the rebels in here.
Now I’m gonna go flatter in this little piece so I can come back and show you.

Now you can see before you’ve seen the little rubbles now it’s all silky and it’s much straighter.
Let’s see this versus this look two different textures that’s what happens when you flat iron it but yeah let me put that back.

I did the middle part so that y’all could see and I because I don’t want to change the texture of the unit so let me say this about the cap y’all.
The cap construction on here is big head friendly.
I do want to say that as y’all can see it covered mostly my sides not right here I don’t glue my wigs down.
I’m not doing it for a video because I don’t do it in real life so I’m just gonna turn it to show y’all in the middle.

So if I had to pick which one would be my favorite color y’all it will be this one and y’all already know I am a 1B type of girl but this Ginger Brown is doing it for me like oh man did I mess that up now but it’s doing it for me.
This unit lays very very flat and I love the texture so I’m not going to change it even though I’m a silky girl.

Now I didn’t put no powder in this part in like I don’t really think you need it like that.
This is the one I use the Ebin New Nork Spray on it y’all but I’m just gonna stick that in there just to kind of give it that seamless look so stiff wear.

All right y’all so remember when I said I’ll let y’all know if I would buy these with my own coins? I would, I would!
I know they would send to me but y’all the honest to God truth I’ll purchase both of these with my own coins both colors because you already know 1B, you need for special occasions Brown, you need to whip out when you’re hanging out with your girlfriends but yeah.
I’ll purchase both of these with my own coins ladies.

If you like this video do not forget to thumbs up like comment and share and subscribe and I’ll see you on my next video.

Bye ladies.

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