💁‍♀️😍HD Lace? Is it worth money?

What IS HD LACE in a wig? 

HD stands for “high definition”.  The high-quality lace material is also known as swiss lace, and when applied to the scalp is invisible. It makes a wig wearer have a very natural hairline that looks real, undetectable. HD lace wigs offer a softer thin material, almost invisible, and lighter than regular lace wigs. 

Sensationnel company is making the Butta Lace that has the invisible lace that absorbs light, making it virtually undetectable as it “melts” into almost all skin-tones. The hairline is pre-plucked with baby-hairs for an extremely natural appearance.

 the HD wig is more susceptible to tearing if you are not careful when fitting it.

HD is a newer lace, meaning there are higher standards and technology used to produce it. The cost is also higher than other lace wigs. HD lace wigs mostly have a wide frontals to provide 3 way parting for veratility as well.

Once you experience HD lace you will fall in love with softness of lace and versatility of the style.

Published by EbonyLine

Since the beginning of beauty and general merchandise businesses in 2000, we have built very reliable and satisfactory relationships with customers. Many customers have requested us for a web-based wholesale store and we have released ebonyline.com for the retailers and volume buyers, giving them great deals and low prices. ebonyline.com currently provides more than 10,000 items of beauty and general merchandise.

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