The Best Wig Glue for Sensitive Skin According to Dermatologists

Lace wigs, frontals or toupees are an amazing protective style that allow for a freedom to try literally every looks, styles and color without damaging your natural hair. The popular way to install the protective style is using lace adhesive simply know lace glue. While many people love using adhesive glues, you should always shop carefully before buying. When shopping for lace adhesive glue, remember:

where the product is made

Many adhesive glues made in a countries where chemical safety is not reinforced. While the vast majority of the ingredients in overseas lace glues have been found safe and effective, there are a few that have raised doubts. The products that made in USA or South Korea proven to be the safest choice but it’s not required to have a low pH level as well.

is it skin and edge friendly?

The ingredients in wig adhesive may clog your pores and irritate your delicate skin leading to severe acne in some cases. Most of the time adhesive manufacturers mostly pay attention to increase the glue hold time with strong active ingredients that is high in pH level. The pH level does matter when it comes to skin. When pH level is high than 8, it starts stripping your skin that will result in acne and falling of baby hair around the edges.

The Best Lace Wig Glue that Skin Friendly

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sif Lace Front Bond Kit

Sif is the only brand that is tested for pH level and claims to grow your edges with Vitamin B.

Lab researchers in Korea made it a mission to ensure that Sif Bond Adhesive had a low pH to effectively help its customers with their various skin concerns. No matter which skin expert you ask, they’ll tell you skin rings up at a solid 5.5 on the pH scale. Therefore, we selected Sif as a winner of lace adhesives “with purpose”.

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