The Best Wig Glue for Sensitive Skin According to Dermatologists

Lace wigs, frontals or toupees are an amazing protective style that allow for a freedom to try literally every looks, styles and color without damaging your natural hair. The popular way to install the protective style is using lace adhesive simply know lace glue. While many people love using adhesive glues, you should always shop carefully before buying. When shopping for lace adhesive glue, remember:

where the product is made

Many adhesive glues made in a countries where chemical safety is not reinforced. While the vast majority of the ingredients in overseas lace glues have been found safe and effective, there are a few that have raised doubts. The products that made in USA or South Korea proven to be the safest choice but it’s not required to have a low pH level as well.

is it skin and edge friendly?

The ingredients in wig adhesive may clog your pores and irritate your delicate skin leading to severe acne in some cases. Most of the time adhesive manufacturers mostly pay attention to increase the glue hold time with strong active ingredients that is high in pH level. The pH level does matter when it comes to skin. When pH level is high than 8, it starts stripping your skin that will result in acne and falling of baby hair around the edges.

The Best Lace Wig Glue that Skin Friendly

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sif Lace Front Bond Kit

Sif is the only brand that is tested for pH level and claims to grow your edges with Vitamin B.

Lab researchers in Korea made it a mission to ensure that Sif Bond Adhesive had a low pH to effectively help its customers with their various skin concerns. No matter which skin expert you ask, they’ll tell you skin rings up at a solid 5.5 on the pH scale. Therefore, we selected Sif as a winner of lace adhesives “with purpose”.


• Affordable Ear to Ear Lace Front Wig
• Ear to Ear Lace Hairline with soft baby hairs
• High Heat Resistant Fiber
• Style length 21”
• Soft & Natural Texture with Flared Volume Wave style


Long, subtle ripple wave style EVERY7 is a easy to wear everyday style that never goes out of trend
EVERYWEAR is the most affordable, quality Ear-to-Ear LACE FRONT brand for classic all-year-round styles.
Made with soft and lightly tinted HD Transparent lace for natural looking hairline for that perfect style finish.



• Affordable Ear to Ear Lace Front Wig
• Ear to Ear Lace Hairline with soft baby hairs
• High Heat Resistant Fiber
• Style length 15”
• Soft & Natural Texture with Flared Volume Wave style


Blown out wavy shoulder length style EVERY6 is the perfect everyday style that is so easy to wear! 
EVERYWEAR is the most affordable, quality Ear-to-Ear LACE FRONT brand for classic all-year-round styles.
Made with soft and lightly tinted HD Transparent lace for natural looking hairline for that perfect style finish.


💁‍♀️😍HD Lace? Is it worth money?

What IS HD LACE in a wig? 

HD stands for “high definition”.  The high-quality lace material is also known as swiss lace, and when applied to the scalp is invisible. It makes a wig wearer have a very natural hairline that looks real, undetectable. HD lace wigs offer a softer thin material, almost invisible, and lighter than regular lace wigs. 

Sensationnel company is making the Butta Lace that has the invisible lace that absorbs light, making it virtually undetectable as it “melts” into almost all skin-tones. The hairline is pre-plucked with baby-hairs for an extremely natural appearance.

 the HD wig is more susceptible to tearing if you are not careful when fitting it.

HD is a newer lace, meaning there are higher standards and technology used to produce it. The cost is also higher than other lace wigs. HD lace wigs mostly have a wide frontals to provide 3 way parting for veratility as well.

Once you experience HD lace you will fall in love with softness of lace and versatility of the style.

Sensationnel Unprocessed Virgin Remy Hair Brands

7A Very porous high-grade remy human hair that can be colored to a medium brown and with proper care last up to 6 months. ~30% of the bundle may have shorter hairs to keep this hair affordable. Recommended care is washing 1-2 per week with deep conditioning after each wash. Air dry and heat styling only after completely dry.

10A Medium porous premium remy human hair that can be colored up to a dark blonde tone. and with proper care last up to 12 months. ~20% of the bundle may have shorter hairs making this a fuller bundle for price. Recommended care is washing once per week with deep conditioning after each wash. Air dry and heat styling only after completely dry.

12A The least porous luxury remy human hair that can be colored up to a light blonde tone. With proper care can last over 12 months. ~15% of the bundle may have shorter hairs making this a full and smooth to the tip. Recommended care is washing once every 2 weeks with deep conditioning after each wash. Air dry and heat styling only after completely dry.

**It is important to remember that short hairs are not the enemy when buying extensions. If all of the hair was 100% the same length it would appear too dense and heavy to look natural. Your extensions should mimic a natural head of hair no matter what the grade of hair is.



Today’s video is sponsored by they was kind enough to send me out this unit so I have with me today ANNIE.
I got ANNIE right here I have it in two different colors, I have it in a natural color 1B and I also have it in a Ginger Brown so we’re going to get right into this video and then you already know I’m let y’all know my final thoughts.

What’s up with this unit is a textured unit so it’s like a yaki texture like a natural hair texture like me I like silky or whatever but this is not silky at all.
It’s natural and I’m gonna show y’all or whatever as soon as I get this right.

It’s having a I mean it looks like it’s going to have a fight but so far y’all can see the yaki texture on, it is not shiny at all like I don’t need to use no dry shampoo.
Like the parting area it gives you a lot of parting space and this one is the one I use my contour palette on and the lace is no longer white and ashy, I like that

The lace actually blends in but I can’t wear this wig way up here like pull it back pull it back like it’s way on your girl forehead and y’all know I gotta be full head so y’all already know
See this is why I say this is not a bob like it’s not.
I think bob should be okay kinda because of the angle it is cutting the angle but I don’t know so let’s style it and see all right y’all so this is Outre 12″ bob.
I’m not gonna call it a bob but 12″ I do want to say this is how you can wear it to the side.

Now do I recommend the side with it you can’t do a deep deep side part because if you do it will look awkward.
This side will be short this side will be real long and that’s just not how bobs go this side whatever your part is on supposed to be short and the other side supposed to be the long side just period.

Yeah so this is the ginger brown color y’all.
I actually like it on me.
I didn’t think i would yeah this is really really a textured unit like a yaki texture like a blow dry textured unit.

Now I do want to say this if you do put heat to your units, heat can change the texture of synthetic wigs it will make it silky.
Let me see I’m gonna test a under-piece.

I don’t want to test I’m gonna go over there and flat iron it and I’m gonna come back and show y’all because it won’t reach but as y’all can see you can see like the rebels in here.
Now I’m gonna go flatter in this little piece so I can come back and show you.

Now you can see before you’ve seen the little rubbles now it’s all silky and it’s much straighter.
Let’s see this versus this look two different textures that’s what happens when you flat iron it but yeah let me put that back.

I did the middle part so that y’all could see and I because I don’t want to change the texture of the unit so let me say this about the cap y’all.
The cap construction on here is big head friendly.
I do want to say that as y’all can see it covered mostly my sides not right here I don’t glue my wigs down.
I’m not doing it for a video because I don’t do it in real life so I’m just gonna turn it to show y’all in the middle.

So if I had to pick which one would be my favorite color y’all it will be this one and y’all already know I am a 1B type of girl but this Ginger Brown is doing it for me like oh man did I mess that up now but it’s doing it for me.
This unit lays very very flat and I love the texture so I’m not going to change it even though I’m a silky girl.

Now I didn’t put no powder in this part in like I don’t really think you need it like that.
This is the one I use the Ebin New Nork Spray on it y’all but I’m just gonna stick that in there just to kind of give it that seamless look so stiff wear.

All right y’all so remember when I said I’ll let y’all know if I would buy these with my own coins? I would, I would!
I know they would send to me but y’all the honest to God truth I’ll purchase both of these with my own coins both colors because you already know 1B, you need for special occasions Brown, you need to whip out when you’re hanging out with your girlfriends but yeah.
I’ll purchase both of these with my own coins ladies.

If you like this video do not forget to thumbs up like comment and share and subscribe and I’ll see you on my next video.

Bye ladies.


Welcome back to my channel I am back today with another video and today y’all I have another wig to do a review on.
But first if y’all have not subscribed to my channel, definitely subscribe.

This one is from Bobbi Boss the name of this wig is called Nadia.
This one is a human hair wig y’all and it was sent to me from my good friends at so of course I like to give them a shout out for sending me this wig to do a review on.
Thank you very much it is highly highly appreciated!

Okay y’all so this is what she is looking like on the stock card cute cute cute.
I have this one in the color Natural Black and of course you already know that the name of this one is called Nadia and she is from Bobbi Boss.
Like I was telling you earlier I think I said this this is unprocessed human hair y’all.

So it’s called sleek and chick wig Nadia other details about this one is that of course we already know that it’s short.
It has a flex fit cap hand knotted lace part free position wig choose your parting side which I just wore mine in a bang but yeah you can bleach and you can perm this one color all that good stuff.
Right here I’m just showing y’all the inside of the cap.
We don’t have any combs that y’all can see in this wig and I just want to show y’all this glue that I was sent.
Ebonyline did send me this glue too.

I can’t use it obviously in this video because this is a full cap wig but i plan to use this in an upcoming video it’s called SIF Waterproof Lace Bond Stronghold Vitamin B Fortified For Edge Growth so this is supposed to be good for our edges which I’m definitely here for y’all.
So yeah definitely upcoming video I will be using it.

Skay y’all this is what she is looking like straight on my head of course I’m gonna have to run a flat iron through her but what I’m feeling right now is like seriously she is so so soft I am loving what I’m feeling on my neck y’all.
I can’t stand the itchiness I can’t and this is super soft so I am going to run this flat iron in it because she is a little lopsided.

Let’s talk about miss Nadia I think she’s cute y’all.
This is really really cute.

I don’t know if I got the right outfit on today because I’m thinking she is more on the edgy style in my opinion.
I like her as an edgy style I thought I had me a different outfit on because this is not really going with the hair but ignore that part let’s talk about Nadia.

I think she’s real cute y’all I always love me a cute bang style.
I have mostly pros for this one y’all maybe one kind and let’s get into the pros first.
First of all she is a plop and go y’all once y’all get the little lopsided part that was kind of you know like going in and out once y’all get that straight y’all.
A good easy sledge I mean I feel like I treated the system of sledge when it comes to laying away girl because she was so so easy so call it all lazy wig wearers me included this one could be for you.

As for the texture the texture is more on the silky side y’all so if you like a whole bunch of yaki this is not it but this one is more on the silky side.
I don’t think it’s too silky in my opinion but this is coming from a person who likes silky and yet so I don’t think she’s too silky she is a bit shiny which could be a negative but an easy fix y’all.
All you gotta do is spray a little bit of dry shampoo or pack some baby powder on it and you’re good to go but as for the way she’s feeling.

I already told y’all the way she is feeling is everything y’all I mean when I tell you she is a lightweight and extremely soft she better be she is human hair.
So there would be no excuse for her not to feel extra extra soft and the light went out it feels like I have no hair on my head except for the part that is really touching my skin but as for lightweight yeah she’s definitely really really lightweight.

I actually love the style.
Style is really really cute.

I haven’t gotten any tangles as you all can see and I didn’t get hardly any shedding from this hair so.
I almost forgot as for density y’all this one is more on the normal side so if you’re looking for something super super thick this is not for you but I think this is perfect y’all.

It looks like someone’s natural hair and it’s definitely not too thin so in my opinion the only thing that I can say about this one that would be a con I already said it she’s a bit shiny but an easy fix y’all.
So I feel like she’s cute and she is definitely a goal in my opinion.

If you like a cute little short bang style, this would definitely be perfect for the summer time especially if you’re in the hot state so definitely a goal for me.
I think she’s cute.

📢 What Is Half-Wig? And How Do You Wear It?

There are many types of wig as you may already know like lace front wig, full wig, half wig, and etc. But, do you know the difference between those hair types?

We experienced that many people might not know what half wig is. We understand.
What is half wig? How does it look like? How do you wear them?
Let us answer you all that questions today!

What is a half wig?

Half wig is literally covering half and a part of your head.
Usually it comes to cover back of your head to the middle part of your head.
Half wigs are usually used for adding volume, length, and special look such as celebrity hair style look.

Half wigs will let your natural hair to reach its potential and allow your face to be framed by your natural hair.

How to choose the right half wig for you

These 3 are just an example and there so many different styles you can choose from!
All different textures, hair styles, length, colors, and more!

Before you purchase any half wigs, let’s consider the reason why you would wear one or already wearing one.
There could be several reasons for your choice such as adding the volume to needed area, just wanted to change some styles, or I am so fabulous!?

Make sure to clarify your reason before you make a purchase to avoid any regrets!

How to wear a half wig?

Step 1.

The best way to fit half wig is to make your natural hair into a ponytail.
With a comb, create a parting from ear to ear, about one or two inches away from the hairline.
Leave wisps of your hair out at the front of your face.

Step 2.

Place the front comb at the top of your head where your parting is.
Then slide the comb downwards as firmly as you can.
For added security, you can also use the flexible comb section at the bottom of the wig and slide this upwards along the nape of your neck.

Step 3.

Lastly, try to blend or disguise the seam parts.
Also, you can style it as you want with accessories or styling tool!

Easy right? Just 3 simple steps!
Now that you know what to consider and how to wear them, go ahead and place an order to try one today!

We really hope you enjoy the hair units as that is our passion!
Choose wisely and be fabulous today.


It is a new sleigh and this lady is featuring ebonyline and this is your girl Laurel by Outre.

Now before we even get started on my thighs, I want you to take a peek of the inside of the cap construction and what I did to customize it for my own liking.
So hey y’all this is the perfect hairline by and I have their new style Laurel in the color DR6 Champagne Fizz.
This is the faux scalp and it’s the transparent HD lace.

This is the packaging and as you already know I got this from so this is how she looks.
Here’s the stock card, this is how the color looks it looks really pretty.

Let’s get all the good stuff out.
All right so this is a pretty sandy blonde if you were interested in wanting to know what the Champagne Fizz look like it’s really pretty.
Here’s the lace and here is the faux scalp.
It has combs, one on the right one on the left one on the back with the adjustable strap and it does come with a ton of baby hairs so I’m just going to go ahead try this baby on and then I’m going to come.

Hey y’all so I wanted to come on here before you know I do my juice you know to get it laid and slayed and all like that however um yeah you can see where the full cap is like aligned and yeah I’m not feeling that it’s a gorgeous wig so far even though it looks crazy right now but the color is still absolutely beautiful.

So um I think what I’m going to do is I think I’m going to cut the stretch cap out so here is the faux cap and there’s like an underlining of where the lace is at and the faux cap so I am going to separate the two and I’m going to cut it.
So I cut it and now you see where the lace is at so it’s like your lace is still protected so if you don’t want this on there if it’s not working for you, you can just go ahead and just cut this off like I am doing now.

All right y’all so this is how the wig construction looks like a regular wig construction if you cut out the faux lace.
Now don’t be like me and get distracted and start talking to your boo or whatever and then start making little holes in there for not um concentrating too darn much but all in all you know I can still make the wig work and I’m feeling more comfortable with this wig so stay tuned.

All right so I cut off that faux lace and um it just looks like a regular you know constructed lace frontal wig so I improve that as an option if you don’t like the the faux lace underneath it you can just cut it out and just work with what you got.
As you can see you cannot see the edge of the faux lace I feel a lot more comfortable.

You know with this wig and I’m loving this color so y’all I’m about to go and play this because I gotta get my birthday here together.
I am going to get it together and to think I was gonna do a different color I’m definitely gonna stick with this one so um stay tuned.

Hey y’all I’m back with my final review on this wig as you know I got this wig from now this wig has been kind of popular it’s like the new thing from Outre’s the perfect hairline and this is from their faux lace as you can see here and as I have already showed you.

So yeah let’s get straight into it I absolutely do love this color this is my birthday color I’m going to be rocking her for like two days and then I’m going to switch my wig but she’s definitely giving me I don’t know you know blondes have more fun so that’s what she’s giving me a fun time and that’s what I’m going to have a fun time on my birthday despite you know the shutdown.

So anyway with this color this color is very pretty.
If you’re not into blondes you definitely need one blonde wig in your closet to have fun.
I do love the mix of like strawberry blonde in 613 like a 27 because it gives it a lot of dimension however when it comes to blonde hair and yes with this unit, I did receive shedding it could be because of the color or it could be because I did cut the lace and I did do a little boo-boos you know a couple mistakes so that could have been the hairs coming out but I mean it’s never to my surprise with a blonde hair that I’m going to get shedding.

So if it doesn’t bother you just make sure you try to tame it with some wig spray or some foam spray to try to tame you know the fRizziness and the flyaways.

This hair is long I’m five six so it does come down past my chest area and it’s like midway to my midsection so it is long.

Another thing about this wig to me it’s not as thick as I thought it would be.
I mean it kind of looks a little more voluminous on the stock card but you already know that’s advertisement for you I have seen other people review this wig but it could be because of the color and sometimes with the color it could lessen the density of the wig.
I’m pretty sure if I would have gotten a 1b it probably would have been a lot fuller and a lot more tameable however I am not going to like you know really complain about this wig because I definitely wanted this wig and this color for my birthday.

It does lay down really nice so I do want to come in and I want y’all to see.
I’m the scalp and I did lay my straightening comb to try to you know flatten it some more but it does part very nice.

It does come with baby hairs.

Now the texture it does have like a silky texture but it’s like a mix with yaki as well so it’s not all the way um you know super smooth super silky.
The yaki texture kind of you know gives the curls a little more hold but I did brush out my curls because I was just trying to get the king style and just style it to my liking.

I love the bang here.
Now the way how I parted it was basically how the wig laid when I put on it kind of like laid to my left side so I decided to just work with it like that.

Now if you want, you can definitely go ahead and probably put this in the ponytail or whatever you want to do.

I’m not big head friendly so you definitely gonna have a lot of forehead space around the perimeter and definitely a lot of space in the back all right.

I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna give y’all a 360.
So this is how the hair looks all in the front very pretty this is how the hair looks on the left side and as you can see it’s kind of thin but it might be a great density for you.
I’m just a person who loves like drag queen beauty pageant hair that’s just my taste.
This is how the hair looks all in the back and this is how the hair looks on the right side so it has a nice body you know glam type of wave.

You know it’s not too much of grill it’s nice definitely cute for the holiday but yeah y’all let me know which you think in the comment section below.

Once again this is Laurel in the color DR6 Champagne Fizz so check her out and let me know your thoughts on this wig.


So today we are reviewing Perfect Hairline by Outre which is a 13×4 unit and her name is Ella.
I just went blank real quick her name is Ella and I have her in a color DR2/AUTBRN.

So here is the stock card here and also this has faux scalp and we took that out okay hopefully you guys seen that.
Here is inside of the stock card and also here are all the other special colors and baby, let me put this right here, I must say like she is looking super gorgeous.

I want to scoop up so you guys can see the sleigh super super pretty.

You’re gonna go ahead and start with the cap construction.
So the cap construction is two combs in the front one in the back with an adjustable strap and an elastic band so it does give me a secure fitting.

You guys know that I have no hair I am bald headed shortcut baby and I love it but I do need that extra security so I’m happy that it does have that elastic band.
Also this unit let me see is it big head friendly super big head friendly it has a lot of space I didn’t really have to tight, tighten it a little bit.
It’s not big towards the back where the elastic bands sit because it’s snug but up here look I have so much spacing.
I have a small size head so it really fits me perfectly so with that being said this unit is a 13X4 lace parting and you can part towards the middle you can part towards the side left or right so I kept it as a part on the side.

I did not glue it down like slay it the way I usually do it because um yeah so we did not glue her down so you guys can see let me scoop up so you guys can see.
Yeah you see it’s not glued down but looks like though it looks like it’s not glued down.

I didn’t really do too much with the baby hairs I just kept it simple.
It’s like kind of sticking up I did try to spray down but I gave up but I know if I did glue her down if you guys look at my other reviews I’ll post them at the end on my outro or you know somewhere in between like I really be like slaying these you know when I use the got to be glued but I don’t want to do all of that like because I want to save this I want to take it off but this unit is super pretty like.

If you look you can see it has like hints of like of course like ginger brown it has hints of like caramel it has like a few colors in between it’s just it’s super pretty like hints of like it looks like a 99 j like super pretty.

It does not tangle so far um of course it is to be expected it is a human hair but it is giving me a real good impression.
The density I love the density is not too thick it is not too thin so that is perfect for me.
So my thoughts on this unit I love this unit so much I love the color.
It’s not like on the top of the list but of course it’s on there but it’s just not at the top super pretty super gorgeous.
From a scale to 1 to 10 I actually give this a 8.5 because the color is gorgeous the curls is actually sitting the way I like it going towards the outside and not inverting towards the inside super pretty.

Let me go ahead and give you guys a 360.
So like look at this super super pretty let me go ahead and turn to the back so this is how the back looks beauty.

That is about it ladies and gents if you guys do watch my channel and hopefully you guys stick around and see you guys in the next one.
Bye see you soon.