The Best Wig Glue for Sensitive Skin According to Dermatologists

Lace wigs, frontals or toupees are an amazing protective style that allow for a freedom to try literally every looks, styles and color without damaging your natural hair. The popular way to install the protective style is using lace adhesive simply know lace glue. While many people love using adhesive glues, you should always shopContinue reading “The Best Wig Glue for Sensitive Skin According to Dermatologists”

πŸ“’ What Is Half-Wig? And How Do You Wear It?

There are many types of wig as you may already know like lace front wig, full wig, half wig, and etc. But, do you know the difference between those hair types? We experienced that many people might not know what half wig is. We understand. What is half wig? How does it look like? HowContinue reading “πŸ“’ What Is Half-Wig? And How Do You Wear It?”

How To Tell If Your Wig Fits Right βœ”

Not like clothes, wig does not show clear signs if they fit or not. However, the right fit for wig is very important for your confident and comfort especially if you are wearing a wig daily.Fortunately, there are some signals wigs are sending! Let’s take a look what they are! How To Find Your SizeContinue reading “How To Tell If Your Wig Fits Right βœ””

🎨 Choosing The Right Color Of Wig πŸŽ¨

“What color should I get?” is often question we receive from customers.What is the right color for your skin tone? Do you know? We often see that lots of customers just choose black (1 or 1B), brown, and natural colors because they are not so sure if the other colors will match their skin tone.Continue reading “🎨 Choosing The Right Color Of Wig πŸŽ¨”

10 Best Easy to Put On Wigs | Best Sellers

Sometimes wigs can be hard to put on, not just for newbie but for experts can struggle too. We brought out some easy to wear wigs & best sellers!!! Check them out and see which one you like the most πŸ’• 1. SENSATIONNEL CLOUD9 WHAT LACE SWISS LACE FRONT WIG – SOLANA $48.95 NAME: Sensationnel Cloud9Continue reading “10 Best Easy to Put On Wigs | Best Sellers”

πŸ’• Top 10 Best Selling Wigs From EBONYLINE πŸ’•

OUTRE SYNTHETIC PRE STRETCHED ULTRA BRAID – XPRESSION 3X 52″Item Sku# KBX3X52 NAME: Outre Synthetic Pre Stretched ULTRA BRAID – XPRESSION 3X 52″COLOR SHOWN: 1B+BUMATERIAL: SyntheticTYPE: Braid – MultipackLENGTH: 52″ Easy to Braid Easy to Manage Ultra LightWeight Flame Retardant Hot Water Setting Pre-Stretched & Pre-Layered 2. IT’S A WIG NUNAItem Sku# INUNA COLOR SHOWN: NDXBLUEBERRYMATERIAL: SyntheticTYPE: WigLENGTH: ShortHEAT SAFE: Yes – Up to 350-400ΒΊFContinue reading “πŸ’• Top 10 Best Selling Wigs From EBONYLINE πŸ’•”

πŸ–€DALVA ULTIMA Collagen Protein HairπŸ–€

There are lots of braiding hair out there in the market.But what kind of braiding hair feel like natural human hair? and is there a one for me?Answer is, YES! We got you!This Dalva Ultima braiding hair feels like real human hair.Let’s explore this beautiful and high quality braiding hair together. What is Dalva UltimaContinue reading “πŸ–€DALVA ULTIMA Collagen Protein HairπŸ–€”


We know that you love your wigs but the time eventually comes to replace your wigs to other ones. When it comes to lifetime of hair products, it is actually hard to tell the exact deadline of their life expectancy. Without a set time, how exactly would you tell when its lifetime has come toContinue reading “WHEN DO I NEED TO REPLACE MY WIGS?”


As we are in new year and decade there could be whole different trends of hair styles. This post will show you and guide you through the new 2020 hair trends. Let’s begin! πŸŽ€ Short Hair Styles πŸŽ€ It doesn’t really matter how short you want to be. You are the queen so you canContinue reading “πŸ‘‘HAIR TRENDS OF 2020πŸ‘‘”


Feeling the dryness and stiff to the touch? We need to understands that when it comes with having a human hair wig, sometimes the natural soft bounce fades away in times. Originally the human hair will have this natural oil from human’s scalp but if it is wig it does not have supports from scalpContinue reading “HOW TO MAKE MY HUMAN HAIR WIG SOFT AGAIN”