So today we are reviewing Perfect Hairline by Outre which is a 13×4 unit and her name is Ella.I just went blank real quick her name is Ella and I have her in a color DR2/AUTBRN. So here is the stock card here and also this has faux scalp and we took that out okayContinue reading “OUTRE ELLA | 13X4 PARTING SPACE | EBONYLINE | FT. @Memie Carvel 💁‍♀️”

How To Tell If Your Wig Fits Right ✔

Not like clothes, wig does not show clear signs if they fit or not. However, the right fit for wig is very important for your confident and comfort especially if you are wearing a wig daily.Fortunately, there are some signals wigs are sending! Let’s take a look what they are! How To Find Your SizeContinue reading “How To Tell If Your Wig Fits Right ✔”

👑EBONYLINE | OUTRE SAFIRA | FT. @wigsandwanderlust👑

They sent it in the style Safira.I’m assuming that’s how you pronounce it, S-A-F-I-R-A. Safira there she is look you look angry looking bob okay.Safira is in their crimp wave style, they sent in the beautiful colors DR4/GOLDENHONEYMELTS okay.Um Safira is heat safe up to 400 degrees.What else to say on here pre-plucked natural babyContinue reading “👑EBONYLINE | OUTRE SAFIRA | FT. @wigsandwanderlust👑”